Children’s Podiatry

Caring for Our Littlest Clients

Running, jumping, skipping and bouncing those petit feet have a lot of work to do!

But, when pain bites, every step causes worry and concern.

Is Your Child Avoiding Sports, or Withdrawing from Play?


Do you hear them saying:
  • “It hurts when I run”
  • “My shoes are rubbing”
  • “My toenail’s digging in”
  • “My heels are hurting”
  • “I don’t want to play because of my knees”


Then it’s time to see SGB Podiatry!

How Can a Podiatrist Help?

Children’s feet and legs are different to ours and require unique treatment and care. SGB Podiatrists are medically trained to work with children and diagnose, treat and prevent problems with their knees, feet and lower legs as they grow.


If your child is experiencing pain, you have concerns about their posture or how they walk, or you’re simply looking for advice about the best shoes for a growing child — the SGB Podiatry team are here to help.

Podiatry for Growing Feet


We treat conditions including:
  • Ingrown or infected toenails
  • General growing pains
  • Hypermobility
  • Severs disease
  • Osgood-Schlatter Disease (knee pain)
  • Plantar Warts (known as verrucas)
  • Postural and walking abnormalities – in-toe gait (commonly called pigeon toes)

Friendly and Professional Care

For some children, seeing a specialist can be a daunting experience, our clinics are family friendly and our team of professionals are trained to treat patients of all ages. Most importantly, a successful treatment plan will have your child running rings around you in no time.

Let us help your child put their best foot forward

Baldivis Clinic on (08) 9523 1020

Kelmscott Clinic on (08) 9390 1561


Who do we help?

Sporty kids who find their feet, ankles or knees hurt

Why? Because we want children to enjoy the sports they love and help them to avoid pain and injury

Ballet dancers who are moving to Pointe

Why? Because they need a specialist to assess & monitor the increased stress Pointe places on the lower limbs and feet

Children who have pain in their knees & hips

Why? Because growing children are prone to developing painful joints which can affect their quality of life

See Our Results

Severs Disease affects active kids who do a lot of running, it’s more common in boys than girls and often starts gradually with pain in the heel. We help to diagnose and treat Severs Disease, here’s what a recent client said

Let us help your child put their best foot forward

Is it time to...