Sports Podiatry

Professional Care for Sporty Feet

SGB Podiatry specialise in sports related injuries, whether you have an old problem flaring up again or a new issue that’s causing you pain.

A Podiatry assessment is about more than your feet…

Medically trained and highly experienced, our Podiatrists are specialists in the bio-mechanical movement of the hips, knees, ankles and feet. If normal tightness has turned into persistent pain…then it’s time to see SGB Podiatry!

Sports Injuries Need Specialist Care


Do you hear yourself saying:
  • “I can only hobble”
  • “My heel feels like there’s a knife in it”
  • “Sub me off coach”
  • “I heard it pop, then there was terrible pain in my ankle”
  • “I’m worried about my knees”
Chances are you’ve got a soft tissue injury that needs professional care.

How Can a Podiatrist Help?

There’s nothing more frustrating than pain and injury holding you back from enjoying a sport you love, but as you push your body harder, new injuries occur or old injuries flare-up.


From shin pain to ankle sprain, nail care and athletes foot, our professionally trained Podiatrists work with you to diagnose the problem, alleviate pain and assist with recovery.

Get Back to Peak Performance

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Podiatry for Sporty Feet

The SGB team aren’t just dedicated podiatrists, they’re keen sports enthusiasts themselves, who understand what it takes to keep you performing at your best.  In addition, Principal Podiatrist Dr Steven Burton is a member  of  Sports Medicine Australia, enhancing his already high levels of knowledge and expertise in this area.


Sports Podiatry treatments include:

  • Orthotics designed for your feet
  • Splints, supports and taping
  • Bespoke exercise programs
  • Biomechanical assessments
  • Correction of biomechanical issues
  • Strength and muscle conditioning program
  • Flexibility and stretching routines
  • Radial shockwave treatments
  • Dry needling
  • Steroid injections

Who do we help?

Endurance sports enthusiasts who want to avoid injury

Why? because having a proactive approach means you look after your feet and legs.

Sports men & women who enjoy training and competing

Why? because you want to continue to enjoy playing and put your health first.

People returning to sport after an injury

Why? because when you return from injury you need a rehabilitation program that protects newly healed tissues and bones.

See Our Results

If you’re an athlete who loves endurance sports like marathons, endurance cycling and triathlons then you’ll know that your body has special requirements.


As an endurance performer you’re prone to different types of injuries because you’ve been pushing your body to the limits over a long period of time. You need sports medicine professionals to help you stay in peak condition.


As a marathon runner here’s what Julie had to say about the treatment she received:

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